Insert a measure in the middle of the score

• Mar 19, 2015 - 00:07

I am writing an arrangement for voice, piano and cello. After I finished the whole score, i realized that i missed one measure in the cello part. If I use "insert measure" future, it adds a measure to the entire score, but i only need it in the cello part. i am running out of time and patience trying to figure it out. Help please!


Are you using the 2.0 Release Candidate with linked parts, or 1.3 with parts saved separately, or 1.3 with only a score (no parts)? Information like this is helpful.

I'm guessing that you mean that you have a single score, and your having missed a measure in the cello part means that the last measure of the cello part is empty (since it ended too soon). The solution is simple—select all the measures in the cello part after the point where you missed a measure, go to the Edit menu and choose Copy, then select the second measure after the point where you missed one and Paste. This will simply move all those measures one measure to the right, with the first one repeated once. Clear the contents of the first of those two identical measures and fill in what you need to.

I hope I've been able to help.

First save your work. Next, select the measures (click on the first bar, press [Ctrl][Shift][End] if you're using a PC) then use CUT (not COPY) and PASTE (or [Ctrl]-x followed by [Ctrl]-v on a PC). If you COPY and paste in 2.0 you can end up with a situation where the old slurs are left behind and the new notes and slurs are pasted on top; if you CUT them then you delete everything and then you paste it in the correct location.

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