Numeric keypad does not work.

• Mar 25, 2015 - 15:04


I am using 2.0 final release on xubuntu 14.10. Num keypad simply does not work in my Samsung NP550P5C. It works perfectly in any else app.


Are you saying you defined custom shortcuts that *should* have worked, or you were expecting them to be defined by default? I don't think the latter is true, and I don't have a numeric keypad on ym current computer to test with. But depending on your specific model of keyboard / keypad and your specific OS, it may be possible to define custom shortcuts for the numeric keys in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

I think you have probably hit one known bug: #23744: Numpad inactive on Linux
On the same pc, the numpad works in MuseScore 2.0 for me under Windows 8.1, but does not work under Linux Mint 17.1 (running inside VirtualBox). It seems to be a Linux-only bug (and probably not affecting all Linux flavors).

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And unfortunately, this is, at least partially, a bug of Qt.
The expected behavior should be that if, for example, a shortcut is defined with explicit "Numpad+5", it is triggered only by using the "5" from the numpad, but if it is defined by "5" it should be triggered by both "5" and "5" from the numpad. This is how it works at the moment under Windows (and also Mac?). But under Linux it seems that the numpad modifier in the shortcut is always taken into account and therefore, in the previous example, the shortcut "5" works only for the actual "5" and not for the "5" from the numpad (which for Qt under Linux is always seen as "NumPad+5").
See these:
(I didn't test the patch proposed in the latter link; it requires Qt to be built under Linux; at the moment I have only set up Qt compilation under Windows)

Workaround could be to go to Preferences and explicitly add the "NumPad+#" shortcuts, but this at the moment is prevented due to a missing check for context state (and therefore a warning message about conflicting shortcuts with Tablature entry), see #52131: REGRESSION: Preferences | Shortcuts: Detection of conflicts ignores shortcut states

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I've fallen foul of this bug, I think, in UbuntuStudio 1404. Today I tried Musescore as supplied as standard in this distro : that is Musescore 1.3. The numpad worked fine. I found out that Musescore 2 was available and added the apprpriate PPA to the repositories list and installed version 2.

The numpad doesn't permit me to change note durations. I tried modifying the key shortcuts to 5; Numpad+5 but that doesn't help. This thread helps me understand why - so that saves me some time but it doesn't help my planned move from Sibelius on Windows to everything on linux.

If Numpad worked fine on Musescore 1.3, it should be possible to get it working ok on 2. The interface on 2 appears much superior to the 1.xx versions.

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Thanks for that ABL.

Yes, that seems to do the trick. The number pad short cuts now work to change note duration and create rests.
I tried to achieve similar results to this xml file by editing directly in edit/preferences/shortcuts but I couldn't get there.

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The numpad problem I did not find in version 1.3. Now I work with Ubuntu 15.04 and musescore 2.02 in the German version. I have changed the numpad settings to change note durations like described in this blog. This is a roundabout way but works.

But there is still one error:
On German numpad the decimal point is defined as decimal comma. So I change the setting for the "note duration point" to both "." and "Numpad+,".

This is stored in the file shortcuts.xml


This is correctly after saving and program termination.

But if I start the musescore application the "NumPad+," is read as "NumPad+" without the comma. In this way the numpad comma key does not work.
The file shortcuts.xml remains unchanged with "NumPad+," even after reading. I suppose that there is a problem in the reader driver or in the xml reader. The comma not read from the file or is declared as field separator like the semicolon as well and will be skipped.

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