Numpad inactive on Linux

• Nov 30, 2013 - 15:11
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

in linux master (Mint 16, Lubuntu 13.04)
the numric numbers do not select note length (alphabetic number do)
CTRL+ or CTRL- do not zoom
perhaps other problems

this is a regression from 1.3


This happens also in my personal build under (virtual) Linux.
Commit ec1c7ed7b7 - Linux Mint 13
Italian keyboard layout.
The Crtl+ and Ctrl- shortcuts do not work and numbers from Numpad do not change note values. Everything works as expected for keyboard numbers, + and -.
In test edit mode (i.e. Ctrl T and starting typing), the numbers, and the symbols (+ - * / .) of the Numpad work as expected, the only button of Numpad not working is the Enter, which does not seem to be working (the keyboard Enter works as expected, creating a new line). The Numpad Enter works when navigating in the menu bar (e.g. Alt F to open File menu, navigating with arrows to Close and using Numpad Enter actually closes the score, as expected).

Under Windows 8 (in the same machine), in the same commit, everything works (except for the Numpad Enter, which still does not create a new line in text edit mode).

the last trial is from a standard desktop keyboard

previous ones were from a notebook keyboard with integrated numpad, using 2 configurations: french modified for Esperanto, and french Bépo

Something of this kind happens to me too (Linux Mint 14, self-compiled MuseScore, Italian kbd) since some months (as a moderately educated guess, I would say 2 months).

I noticed that [PgUp] and [PgDn] did not work anymore from the num pad, but only from the 'directional keys' between the main keyboard and the numpad on a standard desktop keyboard. I didn't give it too much thought as -- under Ubuntu and its derivatives, like Mint -- the numpad arrows are inactive in many applications (there is something to fiddle with in the system settings and I always forget the details from one Linux installation to the next) and I never use numbers from the numpad (!!).

However, something definitely changed a few months ago, as they were working before (same machine, same keyboard, same Linux).

Maybe, it can be a starting point for looking for a solution.


Numpad always inactive (numlock active or not) with mscore 2.0, running revision 4516685 on Ubuntu 14.10, Qt 5.4,
Keybord type : fr2

That's really not the intent of "major", FWIW. It was intended for crashes or data corruption that are just not quite likely enough to be run into enough to make "critical", or entire features that just plain don't work. Keyboard shortcuts in general do work; just a few specific ones - involving keys a majorty of users probably don't even have - don't. This is, if anything, "minor".

I tried Musescore 1.3 in UbuntuStudio 1404 today - all worked fine so I upgraded to Musescore2 from the mscore-stable ubuntu trusty repository at Launchpad (Version 2.0.0; Build 6e47f74) and this bug affects me too.
The NumPad does not permit me to change note durations and this will be a showstopper and prevent me from quitting Sibelius7.5.1 on Windows 7. NumPad worked fine when I tried version 1.3 this morning.

Did you try to add numpad shortcut, using the shortcut tab in preferences?

I did for 2.0.0 (6e47f74) and 2.1.0 (presently 5b6da6a), which run under Mint 17.1 Rebecca.

Status (old) active fixed

Keypad wasn't working in 2.0.2 on my Linux Mint 17.2, but now it works with last 2.1 git unstable version.