Trouble downloading scores onto MuseScore 2.0

• Mar 28, 2015 - 17:08

A few days ago I got MuseScore 2.0 for Windows 7. Since I enjoy listening to scores on with different soundfonts to see which one sounds the best, I wanted to try out MuseScore 2.0's. I went to download the score and as it was loading up the program it said the file was corrupted and could not be opened. I don't exactly know why and how that happened, but I think it might have to do with the fact that I still have MuseScore 1.3 on my computer.

I'm confused and am wondering if I can have some help. It is much appreciated. :)


No, having 1.3 on your computer isn't a problem. Corrupt files happen sometimes, particularly with 1.3 and with earlier experimental pre-release builds of 2.0. The official release version should hopefully be much better about avoiding *creating* corrupt files, and it also gives you warnings to help you identify and fix corrupt files already created. But you can just hit the "ignore" button if you don't feel liek trying to fix the problem. if you *do* want to try to fix the problem, see the "Details" button (I think that is what they are called; i don't have a corrupt file handy to test with :-)

If you have 1.3 installed you can try opening it with that too. If that works then make a small change and save it again via Save As (call it something else) and try to open it with 2.0. If it still doesn't open with 2.0 then you could try using 1.3 to export it as MusicXML and then importing that with 2.0.

You could also go back to and try using the link to download it directly as MusicXML, or MIDI if needs be.

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