Drums palettes is empty after reopen the drum score file.

• Apr 13, 2010 - 20:23

1) Create a new score and select "Drumset 5 lines" from "Unpitched Percussion".
2) Save the score to a file.
3) Open the drum score file.
4) Expand the Drums section on the Palettes, notice that it is empty.

Also, the bass drum note does It sounds pretty weird and flat,
it does not sound like a bass drum at all.


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The drums palette will be empty until you select a note or rest in the drum staff (as described in the handbook: Drum notation , "Mouse", step 1.

In the future please use the forums for support questions.


David, I cordially suggest that this behavior of MuseScore, while "technically, explained" (by one cryptic sentence) and, "technically, plausible" ... is not at all obvious or intuitive. Maybe a sentence or two could be added here to /say/ that this is what you'll see ... "Please note that the Drum palette will remain empty until this occurs." Something like that.

This is just one of those things that ... "gee, that makes sense, now that you describe it, but I never would have thought of it and it sure had me confused there for a while." It's quite a different behavior from the way that ordinary notes work, where you "choose a note and then place it." Here, "you place something, then you have choices to choose from." A "WTF??" initial reaction to that behavior, simply because it runs counter to one's prior experience (until "the first time"), is, I think, quite natural indeed. Fixed by a sentence or two. HTH...

I went ahead and used your sentence and added a note about note entry for drums working differently than other instruments.

Thanks, hopefully it helps make it clearer.


I think that the page on drum data-entry using the mouse and keyboard needs to be beefed-up a bit, including pointers about the use of "Voices" in this regard. It really is much more precise to enter drum-parts in this way ... and I suspect that people do it this way a lot more often than they actually use MIDI keyboards for this purpose. :-)