I cannot edit the pitch of half flats in Musescore 2.0

• Apr 1, 2015 - 15:21

Hello guys, I just downloaded Musescore 2.0 but there is no way to edit the accidental signs like half sharp and half sharp, I would like to adjust the micro-tonal pitch. Is this possible in Musescore 2.0 or I am downloading a corrupt version?
Thank a lot.


Thanks, the former versions of musescore were able to change the micro-tonal of quarter tone signs. Too sad I have to ditch musecore forever.
Thanks a lot.

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And actually, while neither 1.3 nor 2.0 handled playback of microtonal accidentals automatically, 2.0 actually has much improved support for microtonal accidentals in the notation itself. For one thing, there are more of them available (see the Symbols palette - press "Z" to display), but also we do a better job of keeping track of accidentals within a measure to know when to display and not display them. 2.0 should be an improvement in all ways over 1.3, except that at the moment the plugin to help partially automate playback isn't ported to 2.0 yet.

I'm new to musescore 2, havent used any previous versions. I am very pleased with its level of professionalism and ease of use with respect to other proprietary software. I do use the quarter tone accidentals in my scores and it's pretty awesome how easy and clever it is.
A note to the whiners: yes not having auto micro-tuning in playback is annoying, but let's not forget that this musescore is intended foremost for notation, and i am grateful with what is offered so far and i appreciate the hard work developers do to contribute on their own time for free.

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