Sheets in 7/8 & Space between notes

• Apr 2, 2015 - 17:59

Hi there,

I have 2 questions and I hope that somebody can answer them...

How can I add odd time signatures like 7/8, 5/8 etc.?
I can't find it unfortunately on my own.

Sometimes when I have two bars in one row and several per page it seems that
the bar lines differ from row to row which looks crappy...

How can I change that and make the notes, bars and bar lines align exactly at the same place in every row?

If it doesn't work it is pretty disturbing for the eyes to read.

Thanks in advance!


Concerning 2ndly:
If you have line breaks after every two bars, and you wish to make the bar lines align between systems, see:
where you can 'stretch' or 'shrink' measures to line them up with ones above/below.

Of course, realize that while any measure can be 'stretched'; when it concerns 'shrinking' a measure, there are limitations.
For instance, consider a 4/4 measure comprised wholly of 64ths. The physical space required for all those notes in a single bar limits the amount of 'shrink' compared to a bar of, say, 2 half notes.


FWIW, while a small number of publications do try to force bar lines to align in certain contexts, it's actually counter to standard music engraving rules, which demand you go out of your way to *not* align them even when they otherwise might.

I find not mucking with measure widths - that is, allowing them to vary naturally according to the actual content of the measures - normally looks best. But in the very specific case of lead sheets arranged four bars per line, I would at least agree it doens't look *worse* to align the bar lines. I just don't think it actually looks *better*, so I don't bother. But if you wish to, then the stretch command is your friend.

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