Help with pitch in playback

• Apr 3, 2015 - 08:33

Hi guys, ok I'm pretty new to music score software so this will sound noobish.

I'm doing a brass band chart and writing out a Bb melody to start with but I'm writing a solo horn harmony but it sounds all wrong when I play it back. It's playing the horn part like a Bb instrument is playing it.

If I add a G note in a Bb part it sounds exactly the same as if I put a G in an Eb part.

Can I get different pitches??

Any help is appreciated.


Are you using transposing instruments? Are you in concert pitch or not?
Would help if you'd share the score (i.e. attach it here to a reply)

The Concert Pitch button (at right of main toolbar) is your friend. When Concert Pitch is *off* (the default), then all notes you enter should be at their written pitches, but will play back at their correct sounding pitches. Or, if you turn Concert Pitch *on*, then all pitches you enter should be at their *sounding* pitches. If you entered music the wrong way (eg, you entered written pitch with Concert Pitch on, or sounding pitch with it off), then things will sound wrong. Depending on how much music you already entered, it might be easiest to start over, or perhaps using Notes / Transpose can fix things for you - as Jojo suggests, positng the score would help us help you.

Remember when you create a new score and set the Key Signature it is with reference to Concert Pitch (MuseScore can't guess whether you play soprano, flugel or the bass trombone). That means that if you want the Bb cornets playing a piece in the key of G (as the cornet player reads it) then you create the piece in F (which is the concert Pitch equivalent).

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