Repeating in the middle of the measure

• Apr 11, 2015 - 05:48

I'm notating a gavotte, in which each phrase begins with a half-measure pickup. The repeats in gavottes also generally happen in the middle of the measure. (See, for example, this excerpt from the Gavotte of Prokofiev's "Classical" Symphony:)

Prokofiev Gavotte

In my score, I want an end-start repeat barline in the middle of measure 10. I've tried two ways to achieve this. First, dragging the appropriate barline into the middle of the measure. This works visually, but the repeat is not honored during playback. Second, temporarily changing the time signature from 4/4 to 2/4 for two measures, dragging the repeat barline between the two 2/2 measures, and making the time signature changes invisible. This works both visually and aurally, but it messes with the measure numbering, so that measure 10 appears to be followed by measure 12 (which it is, sort of, but the whole point is to make the 4 beats surrounding the repeat sign appear to be a single measure, and this destroys the illusion).

Is there a way either to (1) make playback honor a repeat in the middle of a measure, or (2) fiddle with the measure numbering so that the extra 2/2 measure doesn't contribute to the cumulative measure count?

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Thanks, that solved the problem. I do think the documentation for split/join measure could be clearer, because I looked at it and didn't think it would solve my problem. I also had trouble finding the edit measure properties dialog, because I expected it to be accessible via the main menu.

May I ask a followup question? It appears that "D.C. al Coda" in the last measure of a repeated section overrides the repeat. Is there a way to make the repeat happen before the Da Capo is taken? I've attached a simple test case that demonstrates the issue.

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You can also, instead of changing the time signature and then making it invisible, right-click the measure, go to "measure properties," and change the "actual measure duration" so that it will be shorter or longer without needing a time change.

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