Virus's getting into MuseScore?

• Apr 13, 2015 - 21:01

Obviously MuseScore doesn't have any viruses, but I'm just curious to know why I had a virus in my MuseScore 2.0 Program, which I found odd. It might have been on my end, but if anyone knows something about this or as to why a virus was in the program (Which wasn't there weeks beforehand when I downloaded it and had been using it) just mention in the comments. I do know my anti-virus software wasn't wrong, but it just struck me odd.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

P.S: MuseScore isn't to blame, I do know the virus didn't come with it.


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I got my download of MuseScore from, or here.
Here's what the quarantine says:
c:\program files (x86)\musescore 2\bin\musescore.exe
C:\Users\Airik\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\MuseScore 2\MuseScore 2.lnk
C:\Users\Airik\Desktop\MuseScore 2.lnk

Not sure if it's a roaming virus...

We have run into the same problem. Used MuseScore 2.0 for a couple of days and anti-virus closed it down and removed the program. We are now not able to reinstall. We have lost several composition pieces.

Most likely, there is not virus, and it's a "false positive" - a bug in your antivirus program causing it to *think* MuseScore has some sort of problem. It is usually best to report these directly to the manufacturers of your antivirus software.

Webroot on one and mcafee on the other, two separate computers, two different systems, two different antivirus systems, one constant factor.

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It's not uncommon that different antivirus programs would use similar detection algorithms to tyry to guess what might be a virus, and would hence both make the mistake. Again, it's extraordinarily unlikely that MuseScore actually become infected - not just once, but twice on twi different computers as you point out. It's much more likely that both anti-virus programs are using the same virus detection scheme and are both hitting the same false positive. So again, if you want to see tyhis resolved, you really should report it directly to them.

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Your antivirus provider was able to confirm that it was 8not* a false positive? So the exuectuable on your system is different than the officially donwloaded one, and somehow system became infected with a virus, and your antivirus program was unable to detect it until that virus - which is apparently already present on your system - managed to infect MsueScore but have no other ill effects? Since your computer is apparently infected with the is virus, I take it they gave you removal instructions? If so, the virus is now removed, and it is perfectly safe to reinstall.


Either you or your antirvus programs manufactuers is simply mistaken and this is a false positive. Are you *absolutely ceterain* they have completely ruled out that possibiltiy? They have given you some sort of definitive proof of this, and told you how to fix your system? Can you psot that information?

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Well, I'm honestly not sure. I want the program back, but If I try and re-install it, it asks for a part of the program which is completely blocked by the anti-virus. Also, when I did re-install it and permitted the program, that's where it got to my computer's heart. Luckily, it caught it though. I don't have a way to screenshot my computer, but... I'm positive it's not a False Positive, if it wasn't... It wouldn't have popped up again after Re-installing. I DID download it from , the official site too. The Malware was quarantined though, and of course again... MuseScore 2.0 is removed. When I use 1.0, it's completely fine. I just don't know what to do now.

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So, you have not tried reporting this as a false positive? That's what you do, as I I've already said several times. You are incorrect in your guess that a flase positive wouldn't have hap[pened on re-installation. It most definitely would have. If your antivirus mistakenly thought MuseScore was a virus the first time, it's going to the next time, too, and the next time after that, and so on until *someone* reports the false positive to company that makes the antivirus software. MuseScore did not "get your your compouter's heart", from what I can tell - absolutely nothing whatsoever has gone wrong, except for your antivirus program msitkanely thinking MsueScore is a virus when it isn't. Unless there is something else you aren't telling us - your hard disk mysteriously reformating itself or whatever - there is absolutely zero reason to think anything is wrong with your computer at all. Your computer is almost certainly fine, and MuseScore is almost certainly fine - the only problem here is with your antivirus program., based on the evidence available.

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No, sorry, I'm not offended. Just trying to be very very clear :-)

It is of course possible I'm wrong, but I very much doubt it. If I am, the antivirus company should be able to provide evidence and details. But I'm pretty confident that when you alert to them to the likelihood that this is a false positive, they will investigate and agree and update their virus definitions to fix the problem at their end.

I had the same problem, but let Musescore through my quarantine and I have been having weird issues ever since. Musescore keeps shutting down randomly and I can no longer drag objects from any palette onto any score at all (though I can see everything in the palette just fine, and selecting a part of the score then clicking on part of the palette while selected still works, but inconvenient when you want to change time signatures and there isn't a time signature to click onto to change in every measure).

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Musescore via the same MSI that you use to download it on the official page and reverting it to factory settings, is there any other possible fixes/causes to an issue like this?

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Windows 8
Musescore 2
I have used the Beta version of Musescore 2, and the most updated versions since they were released, and have never seemed to have any of these problems before. Before that I had used several previous releases of musescore as well.
It happens in any score, old or new.

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Why are you using a third party antivirus in Windows 8?

Windows 8 comes with its own antivirus/malware system called Windows Defender which is perfectly adequate.

The problems you are having could well be a clash between Windows Defender and Webroot.

I would recommend uninstalling Webroot and then double checking that Windows Defender is enabled.

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When I hover over something in the palette, it highlights. If I stay for a period of time, this changes to the statement of what the object is (there is no "+," though I do remember something like that appearing before encountering this issue). When I click and drag nothing seems to happen. However, if I highlight something that could be applied too in the score itself then double click on something in the palette, it is then applied to the score. Therefore I can get away with using this method for things like dynamics and clefs, but difficult for moving the key signature out of C Major/A minor or changing time signatures.

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Sounds like whatever your antivirus program did to MsueScore has messed up the installation somehow. You will probably want to completely uninstall MuseScore, report the false positive problem to your antivirus manufacturer, and once they fix it on their end, reinstall MuseScore.

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I found a solution, though turning my computer on and off did not fix the problem, checking for a new windows update then restarting helped (this problem first occurred right after another windows update a few days ago) I am not sure why this would be, but it seems to work.

Thanks for all of your help and suggestions.

I think its because of the type of file that the musescore program is. Someone else had a problem where their antivirus said that the file was potentially malicious. It could be that the antivirus recognized it as a virus though. Musescore is safe to use. I think it was just an error in the antivirus

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