Workspace/Palette in V2.0

• Apr 14, 2015 - 19:32

I'd like to be able to "anchor" my workspace/palette at the left-hand side of the screen, which was the position of the palette in 1.3.

I've tried to get used to 2.0's "floating" palette but find it keeps getting in the way. If I move it to the left-hand side of the screen it simply hovers over the score. Is it possible to mimic the layout of 1.3?


I think you must have accidentally undocked the palette; it's default position *is* anchored to the left exactly as it was in 1.3. You can return it by dragging to the docking station all the way to the left.

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Interesting. I've tried dragging it fully to the left several times. All that happens is a small part of it's right-hand edge hovers over the score while most of it disappears off screen. Until this morning that is! I tried it this morning and it has docked on the left as you fdescribed.


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