0.9.5 crashes immediately after start on Windows Vista 64-bit

• May 7, 2010 - 15:04
S5 - Suggestion

nothing more to say, than i just wanted to try musescore on my setup, which is a Windows Vista 64-Bit system, but does not even let me see more than the little startup window and crashes immediately.


Have you tried uninstalling, re-downloading, and installing again? Maybe you got a corrupted download.

Are you aware of anything unique to your computer that wouldn't be typical of a normal Windows Vista environment? For example, do you have any accessibility settings turned on?

Actually i was experiencing this problem on Windows XP (32- bit) as well as Windows 7 64-Bit but it takes some time and not immediately and many times it doesn't crash at all,It often occurs like after playing a few songs or in the middle of editing a score it says that there is some C++ runtime error i tried updating the visual C++ runtime environment too still didn't stop the error and as it is a runtime error i couldn't identify it's source.

I thought only I experienced such problems(i.e. it was a problem with my system(s) only) it would also be worthwhile to note that both the OS's which i used it on are running on separate machines, the Win XP runs on a Pentium 4 and i'm using Win7 64Bit on a core i5 machine.

I actually have the same problem, where soon after starting to open musescore, the startup stops responding, and a window pops up titled: Microsoft Windows. It says windows is cheching for a solution, and comes up with: "mscore.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available", and my only option is to click "close program". For the longest time, musescore had been working perfectly, and then it just stopped working (I forget if it was in the middle of a song, or it happened in the same way as described above). It has been this way for a few months, with no change. I am not well versed in computers, but does anyone have suggestions? (I also have Vista, and my computer is very slow).