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• May 8, 2010 - 21:29

I started some days ago to use musescore, and it is a nice tool.
I'm using version 0.9.4 (from Ubuntu), and I have some questions, bug reports and features request to put.

- is it possible to create new instruments in the list available when creating a new score? I would like to create bombard and bagpipe (for which I write scores), to use any time I create a new score.
- is it possible to put several different scores on the same sheet? I have several very small scores, and it would be nice to be able to put them together on the same score (but with separated titles, instruments…).

- when I copy/paste measures, additional informations such as slurs are not copied

- it would be nice to have a function to automaticaly group silents (right word?) together. After editing a measure (with some add/remove) we can have several short silents. They can be "packed" by selecting them and giving a longer duration, but an automated way can be fine.
- an option to set the same width to all measures would be nice in some cases. It can help to have a regular structure in the score, which makes it easier to read when playing.

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I forgot one bug:
score loading system seems to don't support non-ascii characters. I created a score with french accents (éè…) and when trying to load I can't see these files at all.
When I renamed it in pure ascii I can see them and load them.

My Ubuntu is full utf8 configured.


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0.9.4 is old. It's unfortunatly the one in Ubuntu. Try to update to at least 0.9.5. See [[nodetitle:Download]] and Installation .
The right word for "silences" is rests.
I have no problem for french filename on mac, windows or Ubuntu 10.04 with a version >= 0.9.5.
For several small songs per file, read this tutorial. (original in spanish).

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I downloaded mscore 0.9.5. I extracted the sources and type 'make'.
After some work, I get an error:
Make Error at CMakeLists.txt:99 (message):
Fatal error: QT (version >= 4.5.0) required. Cmake tries to detect QT4 by
searching for 'qmake' in your PATH.If you have QT4 installed, make sure
qmake is found in your PATH. If you compiled QT4 yourself make sure your
new qmake ist found _first_ in your PATH.

What is strange is that qmake *is* in my PATH:
> which qmake
> qmake --version
QMake version 2.01a
Using Qt version 4.5.2 in /usr/lib
> cmake --version
cmake version 2.6-patch 4

Any clue?


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I used the unofficial repo to install 0.9.5 version. It seems to work fine.

I first tested the utf-8 problem: it is still present.
What I did:
- open a score
- save it (save as) setting a name with accents: ArVerchLéoni
The current tab name is now ArVerchLéoni. I can see the corresponding filename in the directory:
I close the score and call "open". I get the open window, but the score I just saved does not appear in the score list.
In a shell I go to the directory and rename the file without the "é". I re-open and the score is now visible in the directory.
It does the same if I select "All files (*)" in the filter.

But if I write the exact filename (with accents) in filename area, it suddenly appear in the file list, and clicking on "open" do open the score.

So the problem is maybe related to the Qt "open file" window rather than to mscore itself.
My Qt version is the 4.5.2 that comes with my Ubuntu release.

Btw I also tried to copy/paste. I copied a measure that include ties and slurs. The paste do copy the ties but do not copy the slurs that was inside the measure.


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