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• Apr 24, 2015 - 10:47


first of all a funny account concering musescore and my work with it:

Yesterday I decided to highlight some notes to mark them as very unique and important.
So I dyed them red. ... Later on... I wanted to paint them black again.
The odd thing happend: Some didn´t want to take on black again. Staying red I tried everything circuiting this "severe bug".
( Deleting Voices, copying from "non corrupted" lines, restarting, debugging, looking for related problems throughout the internet, despairing, rerestarting and finally deleting by beloved musecore 1.3, installing the in need to getting used to version 2.0 )

Anyone got a clue? ;)

Maybe I leave this as a riddle.

My actual problem:

I got a score done with musescore 1.3. opened with the newer version. There was a full score and a register exerpt.
Musescore 2.0 now shows me the "full score" as the normal, actual tab, but also a subsection with the full score and the exerpt in a seperated tab section.

I can´t even handly to safe the register excerpt as a "main score" thing. If I do so, even in the subclass, I do nothing but changing the mother file name.

Can anyone expain this new type of tab managing?



In 2.0 we have 'linked parts', that means Score and parts are linked, so changes in one are reflected in the other, one of the major new features of 2.0
Red notes may happen if they are outside the instrument's range, maybe that is your problem here?

If not that's not much we can say without seen the actual score.

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You can create whatever linked parts you want, including ones for all woodwinds, all high brass, etc. There really should not be a need for parts that are not linked. If you feel you have some special situation where it would be needed, perhaps you could post the score and explain teh need in more detail?

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