OS X file Quick View ;)

• Apr 27, 2015 - 08:52

I know, there are much more important things, but those of us who use OS X knows how useful is Quick View: it would be useful and also nice to have Musescore file preview with the OS X quick view and maybe also on the icon as with many other types of documents.
Have a good day ;)



A working prototype has been created but it needs more polishing before this can be rolled out. If you are a developer and want to take on this task, you are very welcome.

unfortunately I am not a developer, I would have liked.
Well, I look forward to this and other big news. I follow you with interest.
Thank you.


I wouldn't expect to see the full score or have the ability to play it back in a QuickLook preview, but simply viewing a thumbnail of the first page shouldn't be difficult, should it? Especially because MuseScore 2 already does save thumbnail images in MSCZ files.

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I responded to the comment in which it was basically proposed than rather to fix the preview for Finder, to pretty much implement a full file browser instead; which to me sounds very much like reinventing the wheel.

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