a simple line

• May 15, 2010 - 17:41

Hello, i am a user of musicscore and have been frustrated wth a certan issue. It seems as though i am unable to extend a line to the staff below it if a line already has been spread across the previous one. It just keeps extending past the page. I would appreciate it if lines would extend to the next staff instead of going through the page in the next issue of Music score.

I aslo feel that the sound of the piano in the program sounds a little weak, and it does not resemble a piano very well. The playback sound should be updated.

Also, the ability to have your own backround pictures in your songs and the option to change the color of notes would be a nice addition.

Zolani :)


Hi Zolani,
The name of the software is MuseScore ;) Which version are you using? The following applies for MuseScoe 0.9.5

You can break a staff or system by drag and dropping a line break fro the break palette. Read Break or spacer
Regarding the sound of the piano, and other instruments, you can change them as you want ! read Soundfont .

You can change the background in Edit->Preferences->Background. Note that it will not be printed. If you want one background to be printed, you could try to drop an Image .
You can change note colors by right click on an noteheads and choose color... Check also Plugins->Color notes to color notes according to the pitch.

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