Selecting in 0.9.6

• May 21, 2010 - 04:07

I am using the RC1 of musescore 0.9.6, and i am very happy with it. Its easy to use, and very customizable. I even prefer it to Finale. Lots of things have been improved, i like the ability to save in multiple formats. Id like to recommend a change in the way notes and objects are selected. I'd like a simpler way to select things, llike an expandable rectangle, like selecting folders on windows instead of set bounding boxes. And to be able to use expanding boxes with Ctrl to select certain things. this would facilitate selection greatly, and would be appreciated if it was included in an update or the stable 0.9.6.

Thx :)


To select things with an "expandable rectangle" press and hold Shift while you click and drag the mouse. To expand the rectangle hold Shift and click.

To select individual items (without the blue rectangle) hold Ctrl and click on the item you want to select.

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