Run time error crashes program when transpose implements

• May 30, 2010 - 09:24
S5 - Suggestion

Using version 0.9.5 on Windows XP SP3, when I try to transpose the attached file, it crashes the system with a
"Runtime Error!

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way..."

When this happens, I can see that under the gray error box, the chords have changed, but the melody line did not (if that helps identify the problem). I tried choosing different intervals with the same result. I had saved multiple versions of the score before trying to transpose it, and if I try to transpose any of the versions, I get the same crash. I had this problem with one other score that I had not saved, but since then I've created a bunch of scores that transposed with a few glitches, but didn't crash the system.

Can you take a look at the file and see if there's something I did that I can avoid doing in the future, or that I can correct on this file to make it work?

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Apparently, the failure occured on measure 34 on the F7 chord. If I remove the whole measure I don't have the crash.
Do you know how you create this chordname?

Note for dev: The chordname root in the file is <root>1701060724</root>