Can't open Musescore file (.msc)

• Jun 8, 2010 - 23:36
S2 - Critical

I have a MuseScore file on my computer. I made it originally with version 0.9.5 for Linux. I'm trying to use it on version 0.9.6 for Windows, but whenever I try to open it, MuseScore crashes. How can I get it to work?

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electricmaster, The file you attached crashes if I open it in version 0.9.5 as well. It was actually created and last edited using version 0.9.0. Do you remember the last time you opened this file?

Xavierjazz: Although MuseScore doesn't use the file extension anymore (except to read old files), early versions of MuseScore (before 0.9.4) used the ".msc" file extension.

At yottaflop's comment, no it didn't work either way. Mscz failed (said "no errror") and mscx caused it to crash.

The last time I opened the file was a while ago. I think it was with the same version, but I don't remember when exactly. And, I thought it was 0.9.5, but maybe not, I think I might've just downloaded from the repository.

Okay, I downloaded MuseScore 0.9.0, and I was able to open the file :D I'll convert it to MuseScore 0.9.6 I guess. Does anyone know an easier way to do it other than manually? Or if it will work on versions other than 0.9.6 for the future? Thanks

electricmaster, ideally current versions of MuseScore should be able to open a file that an old version was able to open. Version 0.9.0 is quite old but I'll leave this as critical until further investigation, since it does represent potential loss of data.

In the meantime try exporting to MusicXML from version 0.9.0 and see if you get a readable score.

Status (old) active fixed

I don't have 0.9.0 to compare but current 0.9.6 "branch" on windows can open this file. I put the bug on fixed