Upload from 2.0.1

• May 14, 2015 - 19:47

Can you upload scores to MuseScore.org from version 2.0.1 of MuseScore? I've tried to do it with 2.0 once, but it didn't let me. Was wondering if I can now.


Why not try it and see?

(All right, fine, the answer is yes, and it has been since 2.0 was released—you must have tried quite a while back with a beta version.)

It works with 2.0 - at least, *real* 2.0. Wouldn't have worked with the experimental beta / nightly preleases. Also might not work if the score itself was created with an experimental prelrelease version, even if using the real 2.0 for the uplaod itself. The situation should be exactly the same with 2.0.1

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