unable use text toolbar

• May 19, 2015 - 11:21
S5 - Suggestion

On the text toolbar it should be possible to choose the keyboard symbol.
But this symbol is grey (see attachment).
The handbook claims that the shortcutkey F2 works the same.
But F2 is also the shortcut for transpose (see attachtments).
That's odd.
Did I do anything wrong at the install?


F2 behaves differently in edit mode vs. non-edit mode.
What text did you select and put into edit mode?
What OS and which version of MuseScore?

I didn't realize the difference between those modes.
OS is Windows7.
MuseScore 2.0.1 build b25f81d.

I was trying to add the symbol as shown in the new attachment.
I presumed it was a special symbol of some kind.
If you could clearify where i could find this, it would be most helpful.
But perhaps it's non-relevant.

Anyway my concern on F2 is solved. Thanks.

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You'd find that in the Master palette for symbols, about in the middle. "Pedal up mark" is the name.
You didn't answer my questoin reg. which text you put into edit mode (and not getting the keyboard icon activated)

Found the symbol!! Thanks.

I didn't put text into edit mode, so now it's clear to me that F2 invokes transpose.
When i actually used the edit mode (e.g. applying lyrics) the keyboard icon does work.
That's why my first reply started with "oops".
I felt a bit stupid when I read your answer.

Thanks again!

Fwiw, if you are trying to add oedal markings to a score, you shouldn't use the symbols from the Master Palette - they won't playback. Instead, use the lines from the Lines palette. If you prefer those symbols, you can always mark the lines invisible, and set the lines to use that symbol as their ending text.