• Jun 17, 2010 - 17:32

In my piece, I want to put complex trills that can be sub scripted and described at the bottom of the page by putting the notes which the trill will play, but the program doesn't allow me to make a random measure on the bottom of the page. I want to be able to do that. What should i do?

Also, i want to be able to put text anywhere without having to click a note and choose between system and staff text, which i can hardly tell the difference of.



1) As far as can tell, out-of-system ('random', as you say) measures are not possible with the current MuseScore. I would welcome them too!

2) The difference between system text and staff text is apparent when you have parts:

* system texts are placed by default above the whole system and are exported to each part
* staff texts are placed above the individual staff they belong to and are exported only to a part that includes that staff.

Hope this helps,


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That's cool, thx. but you should put footnotes in for ur next update. By the way, does the program get updates that u can install? If not that would be a good idea, so you can do all of everybody's feature requests without installing a whole new version. :)

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