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• May 23, 2015 - 20:54

I am having lots of problems with the drum lines of my scores.
First, there is the problem that the drum line is too close to the bottom staff of the other instruments. In the old 1.3, I could drag and drop the lines to increase the spacing. On the new version, I can't do this any longer.
Then there is the problem with dynamic markings: when I assign a dynamic to the snare on the upper line, the dynamic is now sitting on the bass drum notehead on the line below. I then have to try to move it and this sometimes takes 5 minutes or more. It frequently snaps to the wrong line, either above or below, also.
This is very frustrating and time-consuming. Help!
Thanks, Scott

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I don't understand what you mean about dragging and dropping lines to increase spacing. 1.3 did not allow this. There were, and still are, staff spacers on the Breaks & Spacers palette for this purpose, but they work only one system at a time. 2.0 provides a new feature where Shift+drag increase space between staves score-wide.

As for dynamics, adjusting them should be a simple matter of clicking and using the arrow keys - takens only a second or two. Dragging with the mosue is indeed not a very good way of adjusting things.

If you continue to have problems, please post the actual score you are having problems with describe the problems more fully.

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Thanks for the prompt---and helpful!--- reply, Marc.
What I did in 1.3 was to highlight a measure and then drag the whole staff further apart from the one above it. I tried the shift+ drag and it works the same as that. Excellent!
I also did not know that the arrow keys moved around the dynamic marks. I have moved them with the mouse, with terrible results every once in a while, like today. I have spent an hour so far trying to correct dynamic markings on the drum parts. When I try to move them to avoid overlapping notes, the screen "twitched" for lack of a better word, rapidly moving left and right and the dotted line that associates a dynamic with a particular note will also rapidly move from note to note. The result today is that I have dynamic markings which refuse to delete nor to be moved to the correct place; they will not highlight at all. When I hit delete, the 2 errant marks will simply change places--very weird! One is at the edge of the page and the other is misaligned in the next measure. I cannot get rid of them.

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Well, as I said before, dragging to separate staves was *not* in 1.3 at all. Perhaps you are remembering having used an earlier experimental prerelease build of 2.0 in which you could indeed separate staves by dragging. But based on feedback from other users of these experimental prelease builds, it was realized it was too easy to do this accidentally, so we changed it to require Shift. So there was never an official release of MuseScore that allowed staves to be dragged without Shift. For 1.3, there was no dragging of staves, period. For 2.0, it required Shift+drag.

As for dynamics, using the cursor keys for fine tuning is the best way not just for dynamics but for pretty all elements. But it's especially true for dynamics because MuseScore assumes that if you are using the mouse, it's because you don't want to just fine-tune the position but actually want to change which note they are attached to. Same for slurs, and maybe a couple of other element types.

Again, if you are still having trouble, you need to post the score itself, not just a picture of it. But my guess is, the elements you cannot delete have been moved right off the page and onto another page. That's a known bug, where if you drag an element that far, it becomes unselectable. The solution is to right click another dynamic, Select / All simialr elements, then press Ctrl+R to reset their positions to default. The errant dynamics will return to the measures they are actually attached to, then you can delete them.

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