MuseScore 2.0.1 crashes when importing MusicXML export from Sibelius

• May 26, 2015 - 16:21

Using: Windows 7, MuseScore 2.0.1, Revision b25f81d

The attached MusicXML file was exported from a colleague's Sibelius. The XML file includes this information:
- Sibelius 7.1.3
- Direct export, not from Dolet
- Sibelius / MusicXML 3.0 (encoding-description)

Normally I expect to see some faults reported by MuseScore when importing a MusicXML file, and I can usually fix the issues. But this MusicXML file just causes MuseScore to crash, so it's not easy for me to diagnose the problem.

Can anyone guide me on whether this MusicXML file is broken, or is the problem a genuine bug in the MuseScore import?

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Thank you very much for reporting the issue! Confirmed with MuseScore 2.0.1. Using a recent nightly build of 2.1, it took a very long time to load during which MuseScore was unresponsive, but there was no crash. However, there's definitely some kind of issue, because MuseScore thinks that every single measure in every staff is corrupt. Also, many rests and noteheads are invisible, and the playback uses a piano sound for all instruments.

Nonetheless, here's the MuseScore version (click "Ignore" when it warns you of corruptions):

Please attach the file again in a more common format, I would like to investigate the cause of the crash but cannot decompress 7-zip format. PKzip or GNUzip would be OK.

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I've not heard of Zipeg, but I use The Unarchiver —it's basically replaces Archive Utility as the default to uncompress archives, and it works the same way (opens, uncompresses, and quits, displaying a little dialog with a progress bar while it does it). The only difference is that it works with way, way more types of archives, including 7-Zip.

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Thomas, thanks.

Quick investigation shows the pull parser reads the file without crashing. The DOM parser also reads the file without crashing, but MuseScore then later crashes on a null pointer exception during layout. Will have to investigate further.

Assume this is not a file problem but a MuseScore problem, created issue #62106: [MusicXML import] DOM parser crash loading The Stolen Child full score.xml.

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Status update:

Found out the crash is triggered by a slur start at line 29417, followed a second slur start at line 29868, with no slur stop in between. Removing the slur start at line 29417 enables MuseScore to load the file. This is obviously a Sibelius issue, but MuseScore should not crash when it encounters this.

Note that after loading the file, MuseScore still sometimes crashes when editing it, so we have multiple issues here.

Cause of these issues has not been found yet.

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