Glissandos don't show up on notes with multiple beams.

• Jun 30, 2010 - 01:20
Graphical (UI)

I'm trying to put a glissando on notes with more than one beam (Like in this case, 16th notes or 32nd notes). You can hear it in the MIDI playback, but it doesn't show up in the interface. If I remove the beam, you can see it. I can put the beam back, it will still show up, but it will be invisible again after you make another change or restart MuseScore.

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Ok. I tried a line break, but it did nothing to change the measure size. There was no use trying a page break because it's on the first page and for some reason it only allows for half the page on the first page, so it made a new page behind it. I can increase the stretch of the measure, but it won't let me just change one measure, it changes all of them. Is there a way I can fix that page, and add more stretch to just one measure?

A line break increases the spacing of the measures on the line if you break earlier than normal.

For more help on using line breaks and measure stretch please use the forums instead.