Default or template for an instrument's mixer

• Jun 30, 2010 - 21:55

I prefer to have reverb and chorus set to low, and have to set it every time I create a new score.

In future, can there be a feature in preferences that you can make a custom default setting? Not essential, just wondering.


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Seems to me if create a template - where you choose a specific set of instruments to reuse - the mixer settings should be saved, since a template is just a normal document. If you're hoping to affect scores screated from scratch too, I wonder if customizing instruments.xml couldn't do this?

Does anyone agree with reverb and chorus settings being set to low by default for new scores?

I seldom have them up anyway and it's a bit annoying have to adjust it.

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I agree; I think the defaults are way too high. But I haven't yet bothered to experiment to see if there is a way to change that default (as I suggested before, I suspect it could be done in instruments.xml).

On a sort of but not really related note, I'd love know if there is an easy way to reset all mixer settings to the defaults, whatever those happen to be. Right now, if might tweak mxier settings for a given piece in one soundfont, but on changing to another, those settings won't make sense any more. I find the results are pretty weird, really - it seems the level knobs and the actual levels are out of sync unless I first turn the level all the way down then back up. That is, turning a knob down then back up to the same spot it started yields a very different volume that how it started.

In my mind, this is related in that it is another aspect of the need to control and access default mixer settings. Probably, one would want to be able to set different defaults for each soundfont, and a button somewhere to reset the mixer to the defaults for that soundfont. Then there should be a global set of defaults that you could set (this is where we'd both be turning reverb and chorus way down) that would automatically serve as the starting point every time one loaded a new soundfont.

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