Inability to edit comments

• Jun 30, 2010 - 23:31

I'd made a few mistakes in my postings, is it not possible to correct them?


To edit a comment click "edit". After someone has replied to a comment then it is no longer possible to edit your original comment.

If the correction is significant just add a new comment to the same thread.

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Topics can't be edited for two main reasons:
1/ when a topic which has comments already gets edited, the whole discussion can be rendered useless or hard to follow
2/ it can happen that users edit their topic in such a way that they remove the initial question mentioning it has worked out for them somehow. Instead, it's better to leave the initial question in and add a comment how it worked out.

However, I am aware that the situation right now is suboptimal. So I'm thinking about a solution like: a topic can still be edited when no comments are added and within a certain time frame after the topic was posted. I just need time to implement this.

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