Drumkit notation on bass clef.

• Jun 8, 2015 - 22:29

Well, I wasn't unsure if this should be a support, feature request or both. I know I can edit which notes go on the percussion score where but, I can't do the 'old' bass clef notation for drumkits, which happens to be the type of score the band I play percussion uses. There seems to be no feasible way(not that I know of) to 'create' this type of percussion notation within MuseScore and apparently, other programs can create that type of percussion notation.

So, is this a feature missing? If it exists, where I find it?


Could you explain what you mean? What "old bass clef notation" do you mean? if it's standard notation used in published music, MuseScore shoudl be able to do it, but we'd to understand what you are talking about.

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So you want it to look exactly the way it does now, but with bass clef instead of percussion clef? Why would you want to do that? Why not simply use the modern notation? Anyhow, you can hide the percussion clef and add the bass clef from the Symbols palette, but you'd have to do if for each system.

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