Align horizontal frames in a vertical frame

• Jul 16, 2010 - 10:15
S5 - Suggestion

When using multiple horizontal frames in a vertical frame to put several verses side by side, you have to manually move and resize the frames to put them into the right positions. I think it would be good to have the possibility to say something like "adjust horizontal frames" in a vertical frame to have them placed automatically, all with the same width an the same distance to each other. Also, this could automatically be done, when adding a horizontal frame to a vertical one.

One step further would be to have the horizontal frame's width adjusted to it's contents width without wrapping the lines within the frame's text, if possible.

Another "nice to have"-feature would be if frames could snap in to each other, when they are moved around (including some standard distance).

Okay, that may be three requests, but second and the third idea just came to my mind, while I was writing the first one. I think, the first one would be a good start .


I took the time and browsed through the MuseScore resources and this patch is what I have achieved: It adds an action for aligning child frames to the context menu of vertical frames. The child frames then are aligned respecting the left and right margins. The space between the child frames is the average value between left and right margin ( (left + right)/2 ) or less, if that would leave too little room for the child frames (see patch).

Unfortunately the action cannot be undone at the moment, since I have not found out how to achieve this. So maybe someone more experienced than me could add this functionality, or tell me how to add it. :-)

(The patch was created using "svn diff" in the trunk folder, based on revision 3289.)

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