Issues with appending and inserting frames

• Jun 13, 2015 - 10:18

See attached file. It shows the last system in a 4-part choir:

(1) Append a text frame to the last bar. This causes the system to assume the full width of the page, making it look overstretched. The system length should have remained unchanged.

(2) Undo any changes then append a horizontal frame to the last bar. Drag the handle to the right (or use ctrl + right arrow etc.). When it meets the right-hand page margin, the frame edges suddenly flicks back to the left. If you continue to drag the handle it will cause the system to shorten. This could be a useful way to adjust the final length, but the behaviour of the frame is irregular.

(3) If you now append a text frame (as well as the horizontal frame) you get a strange result: a brace and staff names appears on the right-hand side of the system. Or if you add the text frame then the horizontal frame you get the same strange result.

(4) Undo all the changes. Now insert a horizontal frame before bar 1. So far, so good. Now insert a text frame or vertical frame to the same bar. Again you get a strange result with an extra brace above the first system.

(4) Another issue with horizontal frames. The handle can be dragged backwards across the score so that the right hand edge ends up before the insertion point! If you click off this "rogue" frame you can't click on it again.

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Something seems very wrong with that score - it shows up with the staff all the way to the left margin, a huge right margin, staff names overlapping the staff, and the page settings dialog won't open for a very long time. It's possible the experimenting you did has somehow corrupted things badly. So I can't address the specifics. But I can answer generally:

1) Most likely, adding a frame caused the system to exceed the Last system fill threshold set in Style / General / Page, and that is why the system extended to fill the width of the page. That is normal and correct. You can change that parameter, and you can also resize the frame to control how much space it takes.

3) & 4a) sound the same as another issue recently reported, where inserting a text frame between a system and the horizontal frame at the start of the system caused MuseScore to try to do that literally, when probbaly it should have corrected you and added the text frame before the horizontal frame. Which is not actually possible. The workaround is, do it in the opposite order. Again, your score seems corrupted now so I can't really do anything with it to test.

I have downloaded the score I posted on the forum to check it (frame_issues). I can confirm that, yes, the system has a large right margin, but that is intentional - it is the end of the piece.

However the left hand side of the staff looks fine on my PC. The labels are OK, they align with the margin, there is no overlap with the staff. And the page settings dialog(ue) opened with no problem. The score does not seem corrupted at all.

The score seems to be behaving differently on different systems.

(I am using the early music feature which allows you to display note values across the barline. The piece doesn't have a time signature as it is the end of a 17th century hymn, the bar lines only occur at the end of verse lines.)

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Yes, I am using a "current build", meaning, including all changes made since 2.0.1 up to this morning.

Can anyone else try to reproduce what I am seeing in a current build? I'm juggling a few things right now, but we definitely want to get to the bottom of this.

OK, I figured out the problem with the display - you the "stretch" for each measure set to a *negative* value. Not sure why that didn't freak out your system like it did mine, but when I reset the stretch, all becomes well. I assume you didn't set the stretch that way on purpose, but anyhow, it's already been fixed to not let you do this.

So, back to the original issue:

1) Once you append a text frame, that system is no longer considered the last system, and so it is stretch to fill like any other. So that's normal enough. The solution should be to simply append a horizontal frame, but as you've noticed, that doesn't work so well.

2) Looks like a bug indeed. Not sure what's going on but I fear I may have broken this fixing some other issue with horizontal frames not tool long ago. I will look into this.

3) & 4) also look like bugs, related to the one I mentioned earlier, that you reported a couple of weeks ago - see and I don't think an issue report was ever filed, so go ahead.

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