Footers not exported to Music XML

• Jun 23, 2015 - 01:26
S4 - Minor
needs info

After using the menu to add a footer to the page, this footer is not exported when 'music xml' is chosen as the export type.


As far as I know, MusicXML has no concept of a footer, and exporting as separate "credit" elements on each page does not work unless the importing program happens to lay everything out the same way. Unless there is some other mechanism I am not aware of, there is no way to export footers in a meaningful way.

Is this how subtitles, composers, etc are exported to MusicXML? If so it would see, that using the same technique for footers wouldn't be any more of a diversion from the intended use of Credit elements.

That information appears on the first page only. There is no way to tell MusicXML to display information on every page as far as I know. If you have some done research that suggests otherwise and can point to the specific syntax of the MusicXML you think should be exported, please let us know. My information might be outdated. But a quick Google search did not turn up anything different.

What do you mean when you mention "menu to add a footer to the page" ? As I am not aware of any such menu, I am intrigued.

The MusicXML credit elements can be used to specify any text at given (fixed) locations on any page. Our commercial competition typically uses this for page numbers, but I assume this can be extended to other types of text. Note that importing this correctly and consistently will be difficult, as MusicXML credits are basically typeless, thus recognition amounts to text and position comparisons and making "smart" guesses.