Some shortcut issues

• Jun 26, 2015 - 10:54

I have a few questions about shortcuts:

(1) MS does not allow the user to create Shift + Alt combinations. Nor shift + control combinations? Is there a reason for this?

(2) The shortcuts list needs to be better presented with headings to help the user find what s/he is looking for.

(3) There is a Ctrl + Shift + A/B/C/D/E/F/G shortcut listed. It does not seem to do anything in either staff or TAB?

(4) Would it be an idea to display the shortcut (if there is one) in the tooltips that pop up when you hover the cursor over a palette symbol?

(5) The user should also have the option to create a shortcut for entering chord notes below the current one. Currently you can creat a shortcut for specific intervals below the note but it would seem logical to have an "enter note name below current note" option.


1) Could you give a specific example? Precise steps to reproduce? I didn't have any trouble assigning, for example, Alt+Shift+I to be the shortcut for "Add 16th grace note". Perhaps you were trying to use a shortcut that is already used by MuseScore or already reserved by your particular operating system?

2) The nightly builds now provide a search box for shortcuts which helps a lot

3) True, this is a place holder for a command that is planned but not yet implemented.

4) Yes, although currently very few palette symbols have shortcuts, and the way they are associated is kind of haphazard. This is something i hope to see better addressed if/when the palettes are made fully keyboard accessible (a high priority for me to help make happen).

5) Agreed, feel free to file a feature request.

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(1) I'm using a laptop and if, say, I enter the desired shortcut "Shift + Alt + 4", then "Alt + $" appears into the "new shortcut box. In other words it is reading Shift + 4 as the $ sign (as it is on UK keyboards).

I've tried applying the shortcut with numlock on but can only get "Shift + Alt + U" in the shortcut box. I can't get the number to appear at all.

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So you're saying Shift+4 is *not* "$" on your particular keyboard? What layout is it?

It displays differently than you expect, but does it actually *work*?

Te numlock button would normally apply only to the numeric keypad. Regular "4" and "numeric keypad 4" are different keystrokes.

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I can enter [Shift] + [Alt] + [a … z] into the "shortcut sequence box" for example. But I cannot enter [Shift] + [Alt] + [0 … 9] for example. The program mistakenly combines Shift + [number] into the key character instead of treating [shift] + [number] as separate entities. So when I enter [shift] + [alt] + [4] into the "shortcut sequence box" I get:


The keyboard is otherwise working normally btw.

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There are *lots* of different keybaord layouts in the world; it isn't just laptop versus desktop. Macs have different layouts than PC's, each country often has its own unique layout, plus there are vendor-specific variations, etc. I have no idea why keyboards are affected and which aren't, but in general, it's an impossible goal to have all shortcuts work exactly as expected on all keyboards. We try to fix the most obvious / serious problems for keyboards in common use if it can be done without breaking things for the rest of the world, but it's a constant battle. Quite frsutrating, actually.

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