Crash when inserting slurs from palette while editing text

• Aug 10, 2010 - 11:35
S4 - Minor


  1. Open demo score
  2. Select first note
  3. Ctrl + L
  4. drag and drop a slur to a notehead from the Line palette
  5. Click somewhere in the score

--> Crash


I am having the same problem. What annoyed me in particular is I have lost all the work done in the seesion, so the autosave function set as 3 minutes either isn't working or has been over-ridden.

Have you been able to solve the problem?

This problem (and the autosave one) should be solved in the current version. You can upgrade. Please note that you can use S to enter slur too.

Can you give exact steps by steps instruction to make it crash?
For me just drag and dropping the slur does not crash MuseScore.

I tried it again and I found that it's not the slur import, it's when I'm changing to >edit mode and double click on the note itself instead on the blank back ground. Anyway maybe that should be in the instructions as a warning!

Sorry the bother, I was too eager to get started,