Rest error in Percussion Notation

• Aug 14, 2010 - 17:28
S4 - Minor

I was working with percussion notation, and I ran into a problem. It added a 16th rest onto the last measure I had used, and turned the next measure blank so I can't continue or input anymore notes.

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I think I entered it just about as normal. The only difference is that I used the keyboard and deleted a couple rests off the second voice at the end. Could that have done it?

Well, I didn't see the new post, so I fixed it myself, and it happened again so I looked in the XML. I think it's a possible bug.
It seems whenever I make a lengthy change [with multiple voices!], it seems to make the measure after it look like this, for example:

Instead of how it should look:


See if you can discover the steps that cause this to happen.

The first step to fixing a bug is showing others how to reproduce the problem.

Status (old) needs info closed

There's been no further information, so I close this.

Please file another issue if you encounter it again :).