Can't create a linked staff on guitar part with tabulature staff type

• Jul 9, 2015 - 15:47
S4 - Minor
by design

OS X 10.10.4
Musescore 2.0.1 Build b25f81d

This linked staff function seems to cause me difficulties every time I use it. Sometimes I can't select the staff type from the Instrument dialog, sometimes I can't change it in the Staff Properties dialog. I now I have a chart where I can't do it for either.

Steps - Using my chart (attached) of Brown Derby Jump:

View of the first page of my chart in the score view. Note the guitar part.

Open the Instruments dialog, select the guitar staff

Click on the "Add Linked Staff" button, new Bass Clef staff appears of STANDARD type

Click on the Staff Type dropdown. Only choice is STANDARD.

Click OK, note new linked staff for guitar, note also that it is in Treble, not Bass Clef

Bring up the staff properties dialog box for the newly added staff

Click on the Advance Style Properties... button, click on the Template drop down, only choice is STANDARD.

Clearly, I can't change the linked staff to 6-string tab. In other files, I have only been able to use the dropdown in the instrument dialog but not the Staff Properties dialog (choice was there, but never "took"). In another chart everything worked fine.

Am I missing something?



Yes, I can confirm that I've had a similar problem after importing files. MuseScore seems to be treating the guitar staff as if it were part of a piano grand staff and therefore assuming that the other staff you want must be either a treble or bass staff.

I worked around it, for now, by generating a new guitar staff and TAB line and then cutting and pasting into it, deleting the old line(s) afterwards. But, yes, it does seem to be a bug.

Status (old) active by design

You can only add a tablature staff to a part that is defined to have string data etc, which files imported from 1.3 won't have even if they were for guitar. So the solution is to first "change" the instrument to guitar in Staff Properties. This will cause it to grab the new string data that was missing in the imported file, and then allow you to add tablature staves, or just convert to tablature. no need for copy and paste.

It's similar true that create a score for some other instrument than simply changing the *name* to guitar won't allow tablature - you have to actually use the Change Instrument button in Staff Properties.

If you have a file where you think you see an issue not explained by this, please start a new thread in the support forum so we can discuss whether there is a bug or just some other known limitation I am not thinking of.

Thanks Marc that worked! I guess I need to look at each score and if the instrument says "Guitar" then I probably started the score pre-2.0 and need to change it to Electric Guitar.

The TAB function is really outstanding.