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• Aug 30, 2010 - 20:04

I am a MuseScore starter and are creating my first score.
How can I add a new staff line? I have started a score for Guitar and arriving at the end of
the first staff line with adding notes, I want to go further. But how do I add a new staff line?
Cannot find this in the handbook.


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I do not understand both solutions. Starting with the first one: How do I
get a new staff line when, after completing the last measure with notes and want to have a
second staff line under the just completed one. Reading ‘Measure operations’ did not
shew any light to my humble brain.
The ‘breaker or spacer’ option is, after reading the handbook on that subject even more obscure to me.

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The problem is not how to append a measure, that I know how to do that.
The problem is that I want to add a new (empty)staff line below an existing one
with the SAME instrument (in my case a Guitar) and simultaneously omiting
that Guitar label. If I use 'i', yes I can add a new instrument but I do not need that.

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Is the piece you are writing for two guitars ? or only one ?
If it's for two guitars, add a second instrument, and just edit the instrument title.
If it's only one guitar then add more measures, select a barline and press return to add a line break.

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It is still a problem for me to simply add a new staff line when I have arrived at adding the last note in the last available staff line. In the attachment, the actual score: a piece for ONE guitar.
Lasconic wrote:’select a bar line and press return to add a line break’, but when I select
the last bar in the last staff line of the score and give a return nothing happens.
Werner wrote:’the instruments dialog allows you to add a staff (“add staff button”), but this adds another guitar to the score in stead of adding just one staff line.

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If I understand, you wish to add more bars on a new staff.

1. Append the bars.
2. Follow previous advice as to how to limit the size of the 1st staff (staff break). Musescore can only draw the number of bars you ask it to - it cannot "draw a staff" if the bars are not there.


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Antonio, I did not notice a comma. I only thought that I had added a page break.
And yes, I suddenly noticed that extra page when I looked at the bottom left of the score.
Do not know how I added that page but I somehow managed to remove it.
For the adding staff line problem, I first add an extra measure to the last staff line,
select the bar line between that empty measure and the preceding measure. Then give
a return and there it is…… the new staff line.
I cannot understand why this must be so complicated. Why not simply give a return
when arriving at the end of the staff line to create a new one.

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The comma isn't in the score, it is at the end of the filename. I'm not a developer, but I know that MuseScore temporary files are preceded by a period and followed by a comma like ".Prelude03.mscz," and so I wasn't sure that the uploaded file was the correct one.
In MuseScore, as you wrote, you can append measures (shortcut "Crtl+Shift+B") and the program automatically spread these measures on the sheet. Sorry, no other possibility at this moment, but you can insert line break and page break in order to manage the layout.
One suggestion: if you have a score with only one or two measures on the second page and you want a one page score, you can resize the score elements (Layout - Page settings - Scaling"), reduce page margins (Layout - Page settings") or add less stretch to one or more measures.
Best regards

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David, I mean that after you have entered the last note of the current staff (there is only one yet),
the cursor should jump over this note staying for the end bar. Then by just hitting 'Enter' there should
simply appear another one under the just completed one.

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