How big can a file be

• Jul 17, 2015 - 16:05

and still be practical? I've got a notebook file that is running into 4000 measures and I notice that it is getting slow at loading. This is a running log of daily exercises and ideas, so theoretically it can have no end. What kind of limits do you have for file lengths?


Tnere are no arbitrary limits, but as you are seeing, performance is directly proportional to size, and 4000 measures has got to feel pretty painfully slow. Not just to load, but to edit as well. I'd definitely recommend breaking it up into more manageable chunks. If it's a daily log, maybe every month start a new file, that sort of things. But if you don't mind the performance, MuseScore will happily load a file as big as your computer's memory allows. I guess at some point, you may run into problems where the numbers invovled get bigger than a computer's ability to represent an integer.

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Make four new copies of the file with new names (using you operating system, not MuseScore). Open each in turn and delete measures:

1] 2001 thru to end of score
2] 0 thru 1000 plus 2001 to end of score
3] 0 thru 2000 plus 3001 to end of score
4] 0 thru 3000.

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