Suggestion for password display on and login for iPhone app

• Jul 18, 2015 - 03:33
S5 - Suggestion

When entering my password on the iPhone version of the MuseScore app I noticed I am unable to see the password letters briefly displayed in the login box while typing. As I understand it iphone applications briefly display each letter as typed before obscuring with a dot.

I suppose that could provide an 'extra' level of security but in reality it makes typing in the password more difficult (and prone to failure).

Another feature suggestion - if someone goes back to the logon screen from within the application the login name and password and lost, even if the application is quit and restarted. This is inconvenient and could leave someone scrambling to find and re-enter their user name and password.

Perhaps the saving of user name and password could be handled in more of a 'user-friendly' manner.


really? I disagree. I never want my passwords visible by default when inputting. Worst case, I'm in a room with other people who might steal it and delete all my online scores. I could understand if someone wants an option to press that will unhide the password.

I definitely understand the desire to keep your password secure when you're surrounded. Unhiding the password would be a useful option.

What I'm referring to is that the password display in the app seems to be non-standard in terms of iphone apps. In all other instances when typing a hidden password into the iphone each letter is briefly visible for a fraction of a second before being obscured by a dot.

I still think the current app makes it too easy for the app to inadvertently lose the user name and password. Perhaps that's even greater security (in case someone else picks up the phone) but it does seem non-standard for an iphone app.