volta attach point in 2.0.2

• Jul 21, 2015 - 23:23

When attaching a prima volta to a score, where does the volta attach to.
I have noticed that the attach point chooses either the last note in the previous bar, or the first note in the bar where the volta should begin.
Just going by memory, in 1.3, the volta attached itself to the barline between the two bars.


A volta attaches "logically" (in terms of how it is represented internally) to the measure itself. While dragging it, the dotted line will show it attaching to a note, but as soon as it is added, it attaches to the measure itself, and it will display directly over the barline. You can then edit it and drag it to make it *look* like it is over a note, but the dotted line should clearly show it attached to the barline.

New to 2.0.2 is the ability to add voltas without dragging at all. Just select the measure or measures you want to apply it to and double click the icon.

If you are encountering a situation where it does not appear to be working as you expect, post the score you are having problmes with and precise steps to reproduce the issue.

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