Leger line missing from middle C in treble clef

• Jul 27, 2015 - 00:53
S4 - Minor

Ms 2.0.2 Win XP SP3 writing a linked score with Tablature for Ukulele standard tuning G4 C4 E4 A4, notice the G string (bottom string in Tab) is a tone higher than the A string and the open C string is therefore the lowest note. In the example (which plays ok) the middle C notes in the treble clef appear with no leger line, although the position of the note head is correct. It plays as if the leger line were there, my ignorant guess is that this is the lowest available Ukulele note. Also I have to enter the G4 note on the
tab staff as it won't put it on the correct string if entered on the treble clef. Good job with tabulature. I like it very much.

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Hmm, how did you create this score? I see the problem in your score, but if I create a simialr score myself - select Ukulele as the instrument, add a linked Ukulele tab staff - it works fine.

When I look at your score, right click the top staff, Staff Properties, Advanced Style Properties, I see that "Sdvanced ledger lines" is turned off. Not sure why. If you turn that back on, all is fine. Is it possible you inadvertently went to this dialog and turned that off?

Absolutely right. At one stage I tried converting treble clef to tab clef but I don't recall seeing the leger line box, let alone turning it off, why would I? Thanks again for your speedy response (and solution). You are my hero.