Crescendo & delete measures problems

• Sep 16, 2010 - 20:40
S2 - Critical


  1. Create a score and add measures
  2. Add a crescendo on one of the last measure
  3. Select measures from before the crescendo to the end
  4. Ctrl + delete the measure
  5. Note that the a small line is at the end of the music now
  6. If you export this score in MusicXML : MuseScore crashes
  7. Undo the delete
  8. The crescendo is not restored


I get a small line at the end of the music if I add the crescendo from the palette via drag-and-drop. (I don't get the small line at the end of the music if I press H during note entry mode).

I'm not able to reproduce the crash when saving as MusicXML.

(MuseScore stable, Windows 7)

Status (old) active fixed

in r3482 (branch), no small line are left when removing measure, undo works and the musicxml export does not crash.

In the trunk, the small line bug is not present.