how to do muffled strings in guitar tab ?

• Aug 6, 2015 - 15:33

Hello, how can i do muffled strings in guitar tab ?

I can change the noteheads in the normal g-clef notation system to apear as an X, but when i copy the content of the bar to the tab-system they apear as fret numbers. But i want them to apear as an X in guitar-tab too. The optical apearence is one thing. But it would be nice if the sound would change on playback too. No ringing note should be played. Only a short percussive sound should be audible. How can I do that ? Is it already possible or ist this a new feature ? Percussive strokes are made by touching the Strings with the left hand preventing them from ringing. Funk guitar players use this technique permanently. It is also used in other styles but not that often than in Funk Music.

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You create these "ghost notes" in tab by selecting the note pressing Shift+X (or just presisng that right after enteirng the note).

There is currently no playback support for this. I don't General MIDI defines a sound for this so there is no obvious way to do so even if we wanted to. You can simply disable playback, or set the sound to be much quieter, using the Inspector.

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