Changing instruments and adding instruments

• Aug 14, 2015 - 01:40

Hello. I have 3 questions. The first one is, how can I add a part which is only visible for a few bars but cannot be done by using set empty bars invisible?
The second one is, how can I change the instruments in the middle? As in, ths oboe plays to a part and needs to change to english horn in a orchestral score.
The last one is, how can I change the sound only for one bar? I want the oboist to click quater notes for one bar and it is empty wirhout playback.
Thank you in advaance.


Well, for the second one, go to palette->text->instrument change, put it where you want the instrument to change, then set the properties so that it changes the instrument to the one you want.

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"It" refers to what was described the first part of that sentence - the "Instrument" item in the Text palette. Simply add it to your score like any other palette item (eg, click a note, double click palette item) to add an instrument change at that point in the score. Right click the text and Change Instrument, or use the Mixer, to actually select the new instrument / sound.

For the first, create the staff normally, then when you are done entering notes, use Style / General / Hide empty staves.

For the second, I don't totally understand how it is different from the second, but if you are asking how to make certain notes silent, deselect "Play" in the Inspector.

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