Save As

• Sep 29, 2010 - 22:23

1) Create Piano score called 'Testin' (as it is).
2) Change the title to 'Testing' (adding the letter G).
3) Click 'Save As'.

Expected result: The file name should be whatever the current title is on the score.
Actual result: The title you initially chose for the score is there.

Not a full-blown bug, but something that could perhaps be changed.


In reply to by chen lung

cheng lung, Sorry for using an ambiguous word. I meant first as in "nearest the top of the page." Not first as in "original." I was recommending that we use whatever title appears in the score nearest the top of the page.

Xavierjazz, We are not talking about changing the file name automatically. We are just talking about the suggested file name that appears in the Save As dialog the first time you save a score. This is similar to how Microsoft Words uses the first phrase from your document as a suggested file name when you save a new word document for the first time.

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