Custom palettes not working on OS X

• Aug 27, 2015 - 01:03
S3 - Major

For ages I simply thought I was doing something wrong, but this is real—[Shift]+[Cmd]+drag does not work, and there is no way to get a custom element into a custom palette short of editing the code of the palette. See for the discussion that led to this discovery. This is not a situation that is acceptable.


This is not a situation that is acceptable.
Seriously? You should calm down... There are situations in this world that are not acceptable... this is only a bug.

I'm pretty calm, actually, but thank you for the suggestion. ;-) My point is just that this should be a front-burner issue—it might seem like because it doesn't cause problems the status quo is okay, but what it prevents is something important. Suppose the "Transpose" tool didn't work for an entire operating system (and the up/down arrow keys didn't exist). I would say that that, too, would not be acceptable.

I'm pretty sure someone would have noticed if Transpose didn't work on mac. This issue is more a testimonial that custom palette is an under used feature since nobody noticed until now. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be fixed but the priority is not that high. Sentences like "This is not a situation that is acceptable" just make me want to postpone looking at it...

Okay, sorry. To me it seems like a very important and valuable feature, and perhaps I'm a little more frustrated than I should be because for a number of months I thought I was doing something wrong. Please look at it when you get the time—I doubt I will be the only one to thank you. (Also, don't you use a Mac yourself?)