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• Oct 14, 2010 - 01:56


I've realized that the title of the spanish version of the page "Measure rests" makes no sense. You can imagine about the content of the page, but no spanish speaking musician would say "Silencio de un compás". Instead we use "Compases de espera". However, if I change the title of the page, I will break every link to that page that appears in the Handbook. So I wonder if there is any way to know wich pages contain a link to "Silencio de un compás" in order to change every link at once.


There are no links to Silencio de un compás in the Handbook (except for the Table of Contents )

In case you are interested, here is the method I used to find out:

  1. Go to: http://musescore.org/es/print/book/export/html/137 which contains the full Spanish handbook in one HTML page (excluding the table of contents)
  2. View HTML source (from Firefox's main menu choose View > Page Source)
  3. Edit > Find...
  4. In the find dialog type in the last part of the URL for the page you are checking for: silencio-de-un-compás

The find dialog should take you to every occurrence of the URL throughout the handbook (excluding the table of contents). In this particular case there are no other links.

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The print version of the Spanish handbook will show you where the links are. But you will have to correct the links by hand (by editing the individual pages).

Also note that due to caching the print version is sometimes a few hours behind.

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