Swing 8ths to Straight 8ths

• Sep 3, 2015 - 18:22

In my song, at one point in the middle of the song, I change to swing 8th notes. Then, later in piece, I want to change them back to straight. How do I do this?


Add the Swing text from the Text palette at the appopriate places, and for the one where you want it to switch back to straight, edit the text according then right click & use Staff Text Properties to set the playback.

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The tab where it says "Swing Settings", click the radio button that says "Off".

Also, I guess you figured this out, but the dialog is actually labeled "System Text Properties", since this particular bit of text is really System text (same as staff text but is set to appear only on the top staff in the score and all parts).

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No. That's part of why this defaults to being System rather than Staff text - so it applies to all instruments. Although you can create your own staff text and set up its swing setting if you specificallt *want* some instruments to swing and other not (or to swing by different ratios).

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