Merging voices from different staves

• Sep 11, 2015 - 16:08

I have imported an *.mxl file that has separate SATB parts for a choir. What is the easiest way of producing an S/A - T/B version using just two staves. The imported file assigns Voice 1 to each of the four staves.

I have tried swapping, for example, the Alto part to Voice 2, copying the measures, and pasting them to the Soprano staff. Unfortunately, when I swapped Voice 1 to Voice 2 it created rests for Voice 1. This, of course, overwrote the Soprano Voice 1 part, leaving two copies of the modified Alto part!

Once a 'merged' version of the four parts is available, it becomes straightforward to produce a piano reduction. Perhaps there is already a method for merging parts into a condensed score?

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