Custom location for Musescore temporary/backup files

• Sep 14, 2015 - 14:25

Could you please add an option to store temporary/backup files in a custom location, rather than next to the file I'm editing?

I'm storing all my sheet music in OneDrive and I find it rather annoying that these backup files are put there because they are then synced as well. In my case it's also extra frustrating because I'm sharing that folder with others. They do not know Musescore or "computer stuff" well and these backup files tend to mess things up for them.

The temporary/backup files are a good thing I suppose (although haven't had use of them myself yet...), but would be very helpful if I could decide where they went.


Can't you teach OneDrive not to sync files match a certain pattern? like starting with a dot, being hidden, ending with a comma? And/or tech OneDrive not to show hidden files (like the default for Windows?
In they don't sync, and without any tweaks in the configuration.
The temporary files are in a different place anyway, so shouldn't be a problem at all.

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Not that I'm aware. Not showing hidden files is also not an option, since, first of all, the backup files aren't hidden files, and secondly, I need hidden files shown/synced.

A good (better?) alternative for me could be an option to disable the backup file creation thing all together, as I really don't need it. If a file was to end up corrupt for some reason I can already restore them via my backup software. I'd actually prefer this to be the case, that I was able to disable this feature.

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I agree with Svish about to add an option to disable those temporary files, but AFTER we finish and close the whole piece.

In other words, I'm talking about to eliminate all those temporary files when we close MuseScore, automatically.

Of course, it should be an independent process. I mean, in a case of power cut, to avoid to lose all the last editions, MuseScore has to preserve the last temporary changes into a temporary file. But not one independent temporary file for all the pieces we have into the PC!!! Just one temp file for each piece we are working on. When the whole piece(s) are saved and we close MuseScore, then all the temporary file(s) should be erased.

That's all, folks!!!

I too would like to be able to put all backup files in their own subfolder so I don't have to deal with looking at them when I'm browsing for files.

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