Note input by rhitmical pattern

• Sep 19, 2015 - 09:26
S5 - Suggestion

Very often in music is a rhytmical pattern, that repeats for longer time. It would help, if I could set the pattern and then just inputs notes. And switching rhytmical values would be automatic. Now if I input notes of a little more complicated rhytm, the only switching the rhytm spends a lot of time and work. The difficulty od inputing could decrease maybe to one third or even more, because sometime you must pres a number for walue and with it also a point to lengthen the note. And you must stil switch the thinking from melical values to rhytmical and back. Try to input ten notes of various tune but the same thytmical value and try to intput ten notes that each has different rhytmical value. The first work is for maybe five seconds, but the second spends more then half of a minute.


Status (old) active closed

And for voices of harmony (choir) is it better, because theme can be very long and it had no sense make it as pattern. So I am closing it.